A downloadable game for Windows

The art of tower defense needs to be learned to protect the Earth, learn by playing multiplayer battles in the fantastic tower defense school


*12 unique towers with 6 upgrades each!
*Each tower has an amazing ultimate.
*10 monsters with 3 level each.
*2 bosses with auras.
*Face your opponent on 6 unique maps.
* Send monsters to your opponent.
*Choose from 2 types of Tower Defense:
**Path: monsters follow predetermined path
**Maze: monsters follow path created by the towers

*Available in 18 languages
*Classic tower defense system
*Battles online 1x1
*Competitive or casual battles
*Global and Regional Rank
*Chat with emoticons and ready-made phrases
*Friend's list
*Battle among friends
*Tutorial and tips when starting the game
*Complete information about all the towers and monsters in the game encyclopedia
*Designed for multiplayer battles
*Can be played offline (challenges and training)
*Controls designed for mobile and tablet
*Customization of controls available


Monsters from another planet are attacking Earth in search of hazelnut cream.
But they did not expect everyone here on Earth to be fascinated by hazelnut cream and they did everything to protect their precious pots.
People began to protect themselves through the art of tower defense.
Then it was determined that all schools would begin to teach a subject of Tower defense.
To motivate the students, a tower defense simulator was put in place that would put everything learned in the classroom into practice.
This simulator was originally designed for children.
Then the towers are representations of toys and the monsters are a replica of the species of monsters already seen here on Earth.
In addition, a worldwide tower defense competition has emerged with the aim of further refining the techniques of defending the population.
You now have access to this tower defense simulator and you can compete with players from around the world.

How to play:

Two players are competing against each other to see who can withstand the waves of monsters for longer.
Your goal is to prevent monsters from crossing the map and arriving at your destination.
Each monster that completes the path will make you lose life, the player who loses all their lives first loses the game.
To protect yourself from attacks you must place towers in strategic positions on the map
Towers can be upgrade to become stronger
To make the competition more interesting you can send monsters to your opponent to defend yourself
See the learning area of the game for more tips.


1,2,3,4,5,6 - Build towers
q, w, e, r, t, y - Active tower ultimate (global shortcut)
Space - Active tower ultimate (tower selected)
a - Tower left side upgrade
s - Upgrade tower right side
Return - Sell tower
f1 ~ f10 - Send monsters
d - open the mini map
f - spy / return map
Arrows - move map
Alt - Toggle Towers / Monsters Tab
Tab, '- Toggle attack priority
Hold shift - Build multiple towers in a row
Escape - Cancel build


tds1031_install.exe 16 MB

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Hello my friend, I cant fix it for a while =( 

You can try play it in your Android Phone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bakart.TDSchool